So, the bit about me… I’ve written many, many things:

Letters, emails, birthday cards, apology notes for rambling on websites – but perhaps, more commercially:

I started out, many moons ago, working for an advertising company, writing content for web sites and radio and television commercials as well as penning a highly acclaimed audio comedy series that was featured on Metro Radio.

I’m currently writing The Black Water Journals a post-apocalyptic audio drama and have released SleepTalker A collection of short stories, poetry and my thoughts on the craft of writing.

My first YA Novel – Professor Fidget and the Trouble with Time Travel is complete and will be released soon.

I’m an avid reader of YA and horror / psychological suspense and thriller.

And i’m also a Doting Dad to two amazing children, one daft dog and five goldfish.

The blog section of this site contains some of my experiments and work in progress and the bookshop has cool stuff for sale, so I’ll finish up by listing a few of my handpicked favourites from my time writing so far.

Well first I suppose is the book I have for sale now, SleepTalker. You can buy the audio version on this site but if you’d like the paperback  or Kindle version it’s available on Amazon.

Ok, Going back in time – Petal and Jonny – Here is an episode from the acclaimed North Eastern audio comedy: