So every morning I get up and do an insanity workout, but before that some free form writing just to wake my mind up from its restful slumber.

Free Form writing is a lot of fun and doesn’t have to make any sense at all but ideas are often started from here. I simply sit down and write…. anything …. usually the first words that come into my head, not caring if they make any sense.

This mornings was interesting. Its usually a very private affair but have selected a bit of today’s free form to share make of it what you will……….

Free form 10 Aug…….

Thoughts possess you and your guide does not necessarily live together with all powerful sandwiches cheese ham lettuce mayo,…. Life’s ingredients have a bitter sweet harmony rarely matched by my pet dog Alfie whose constant panting would make a rather unsavoury phone call to the wrong recipient.

Open the well to your own imagination, drop in a penny, make a wish and follow it down.

See how it glides almost effortless in its pursuance of your dream.


Watch as the penny settles, as it joins the orderly queue formed by its predecessors. The wise learned coin welcomed by the former incarnations of itself and given free passage to the front.

Onlookers stare in amazement as the coin moves up, joining with others, becoming bigger, brighter, bolder, creating a single thought floating on a single stream.

Smile as the coins rays radiate into your soul giving you renewed energy, self worth and new purpose.


Welcome to my head, in the next post i’ll share a short horror story i recently wrote which started life as a free form thought. Hope you enjoyed. All comments and thoughts welcome

free form writing

My mind in the mornings looks like this

Paul x

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