Pj Greystoke flash fiction

Sunshine on A Cigarette


“Ahh Sunshine, even brighter than the… actually scratch that; It’s impossible. Pass me another cigarette, would you?”

“You don’t smoke.”

“I could smoke.”

“No, you couldn’t.”

Are they fighting again?

“Who says I’m gonna smoke it anyway?”

“So why do you want one?”

“To stop you smoking them.”

Really? Why can’t they just get on?

“Greedy! Besides I’ve got plenty.”

“Me too. I could sell them.”

“To who?”

“…back to you when you eventually run out.”


Hang on, I’m going to have to sort these guys out.

“Oh, look out. Here she comes.”

“She’s always so happy, isn’t she?”

“It’s probably because of you. I think you’re her favourite.”

Now, what are you guys up to? Where’s me lighter? Oh, there it is. Do you want a carry?

“I think I am too. Then again you cry every time she lights up.”

“I can’t breathe properly around that.”

“Takes practice. Quite nice when you get used to it.”

“I don’t like it.”

Someone has a slight cold. Calpol when we get in?

“Why don’t you tell her?”

“I will, when I can speak her language properly.”

“How far have you got so far?”

Can you say Mama?

“Quite far, listen… Mama …. Da…. Doggydog.”

“Oh, she likes that, look she’s gonna pick you up instead.”

“Ha, I’m the new favourite. Here I go. Save me a cigarette. I’ll be back soon.”

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