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Extract from Confessions Of A Murderer

It’s been a wee while since I posted on here so thought I’d check in and share one or two ideas from a novel I’ve been working on. Be great to hear your thoughts.     “When I was young my parents told me I had the potential for greatness and I believed them. I […]


Its been a little while since I posted on here. Working on my new novel has been all consuming. As usual I woke this morning knowing that my story would progress, become richer and satisfy my expressive desires. Not only that, my children would have a continuation of the tale they have thankfully taken such […]

Random Thoughts

I do tend to write the most random things. Normally I save all my random thoughts and use them to create something hopefully worthy of future investigation. Usually they provide me with inspiration for a short story or novel. I thought i’d post some of the rambling free form in its raw form. Doing some […]


This one started out as a bit of an experiment. I wanted to leave the gender of the protagonist to the reader. The resulting story was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. I hope you enjoy. As always all comments and thoughts welcome x   Dreamer   “Sorry for your loss Sam”. […]

What Happens Next?

I started a short story recently, experimenting with the nature in which a protagonist is portrayed. An early version of this story is shared on a previous post. This is one of those occasions in which i can see the short story becoming a precursor to something much bigger and just as exciting, I’ll let […]

The Reason

A little nostalgia today, I was scanning my library the other day and  happened upon the first poem I had ever written, at the age of 14. It was  pressed neatly between the pages of a book. I hope you enjoy x   The Reason   There once was a man Who became very ill, […]

The Trouble With Time Travel

Last week I shared some free form that led to the creation of a lead character in my latest novel The trouble with Time Travel. Today a section from the book itself. At this point Arran and Molly two children and friend to the brilliant professor Fidget are playing in a strange device they believe […]

Should Writers Read? …. A thought

You know I read a shocking statistic recently, 82% of young people in the UK don’t read for pleasure. It made me kind of sad to think that television, movies, Nintendo Wii and the PS3 are converting our future generation into couch potatoes devoid of imagination and purpose. I have travelled quite a long and […]

My New short Story ‘Seven Days’

I was at a friends last night, and on the way home started thinking of a weird play around we did with the words ‘seven days’. You know from ‘The Ring’ film. An idea then jumped into my head for a short story of which the first part is below. More to follow I hope […]