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Don’t Turn Out The Light

Well…  Poetry has always been something I have read and admired from afar, but not something I often turn my hand to. Todays Free Form exercise however, inspired I think from a news story I read where a young lady was repeatedly beaten and made to suffer numerous indecent acts upon her person; an assault […]

Little Ruthy

Hello all… My book (The Trouble With Time Travel) is still going well and ever closer to the finish line. Whilst writing, as a wee warm-up exercise i tend to do a little free form to drum up ideas for future projects and I think I’ve hit on something here. Its not complete (Just an […]

Cross Culture Mojination

A friend and I have been experimenting a bit. He’s a musician and a jolly good one at that, and I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to try to have a conversation!!! …. And they said it couldn’t be done!! A conversation with a difference. A conversation where we communicate using only our respective art […]


Heloooo  and Happy 2015 to you… I had an idea for a short story today which I thought I’d share with you. The story isn’t yet complete, there are a few directions it could go  in but i would welcome any comments and suggestions you may have. Till next time x Outside “Let me in!!!” […]

Out In a Minute

How long has it been???  Not wanting to get too personal here I’ll say a while… ages…. too long… probably. I write this post on the 4th December at my home in sunny south shields. It’s taken a while to adapt to my new writing environment but getting back on track. The Trouble With Time […]


In at 1.15am today. Sat down at the computer and did some free form. It’s completely un-edited but thought i’d share anyway, hope you enjoy. As always all comments and thoughts welcome. x Imagine Imagine a world of clinical logic. Where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The birth of which is a […]

Extract from Confessions Of A Murderer

It’s been a wee while since I posted on here so thought I’d check in and share one or two ideas from a novel I’ve been working on. Be great to hear your thoughts.     “When I was young my parents told me I had the potential for greatness and I believed them. I […]