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SleepTalker 2 – Coming Soon.

Actually in June. One of the stories ‘The Room’ in the original SleepTalker raised a lot of questions about the stalker. The sequel delves into his rather disturbing backstory. Here is a wee snippet: The Room 2 Back When Sophie Was Alive What is it about staring into another person’s eyes that makes them feel […]



    Most of the time I’d sit and stare. That’s how it started I think. Her eyes were the open doorway between this place and the next, not that I knew that back then. Though, somewhere in the back of my consciousness I knew that if I spent too long in that place I’d […]

Coffee Shop Girl 2

Coffee Shop Girl 2 Kay “I put this… here?” “Oh god!” He can’t be doing that. “Mr Snaggles, please put that table down.” “Is ok, I help. You want it in shop?” “No, no.” He’s not going to change his mind, is he? “Oh, yes thank you in shop would be fine.” “Is good. I […]

Sunshine on A Cigarette

Sunshine on A Cigarette   “Ahh Sunshine, even brighter than the… actually scratch that; It’s impossible. Pass me another cigarette, would you?” “You don’t smoke.” “I could smoke.” “No, you couldn’t.” Are they fighting again? “Who says I’m gonna smoke it anyway?” “So why do you want one?” “To stop you smoking them.” Really? Why […]

Supply Teacher Part II

Supply Teacher Part II Prologue   Dave closed his eyes, took a deep breath and rested his head on the driver’s side window; He welcomed the familiar incandescent waves from the radio, allowing them to wash right through him. It was a song that always meant so much – In times of trouble or deep […]

Excuse Me.

Excuse Me   As a kid, I wished I had one of those stop watches – you know the ones? You hit stop and time stands still for everyone except you. I remember thinking how great that would be. The things I would get done. As a kid, it would be the homework and the […]