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Questions……. Its the Answer

Today I’d like to share what was a common business practice when I ran an advertising agency and is now an irreplaceable part of my writers toolkit. Questions… As I once wrote ‘Without questions there can never be any answers’, they open your mind and your field of creation, they force you to remove the […]

Writers Block My Solution

Writers block is awful, you sit down eager to continue with your short story, manuscript or novel and all your brain produces is the odd piece of tumble-weed within a vast deserted landscape, the building that once housed the creative life force behind your work exists only as a mirage. My initial way of responding […]


I sometimes think as a writer I have a dual personality, Its something I learned as an actor, often observing myself as harmony and chaos collide then travel the same road together in perfect unison. My life’s experiences both imagined and real, laid out on the page to form a new species which plays upon […]

Writing Horror

Today’s post can be a little disturbing so turn away if you’re easily shocked. I like to study psychology, always been fascinated by how the human mind works and why we think, feel and act the way we do at any given moment, which leaves me constantly asking questions. Now questions are great, for without […]

The Room

As promised What started out as a bit of Free Form became “The Room” a slightly horrific look at my own fears, a sort of fact burned in Fiction. Hope you enjoy, all comments welcome x The Room   “Leave the door open” Mary half smiled as she slid further into the middle of the […]


Its possible I just get Weirder…. Or maybe not, there was a time when the greatest minds on the planet thought the world was round…. oh it is round?? Right well few bits from today’s free form ramblings: Tripping through the lost moments of the morning I stumbled across the only rain drop left from […]

Wishing Well

So every morning I get up and do an insanity workout, but before that some free form writing just to wake my mind up from its restful slumber. Free Form writing is a lot of fun and doesn’t have to make any sense at all but ideas are often started from here. I simply sit […]

Hello World

Hi … Hello ….. Bonjour …. Skebloynk!! Ok this is me putting myself out there so to speak. I am a writer, musician, actor, comedian, solver of problems, creator of problems, brother, son and a daddy to two gorgeous kids who are a constant joy and inspiration in all I do. I welcome feedback on […]